Friday, 27 March 2009

How to Get Rich With Google AdSense Using High Paying Keywords!

. Friday, 27 March 2009

• What is AdSense?
Well, AdSense is a program that pays you for placing their ads on your site or blog. They take ads from publishers (through Google AdWords) for a high price, keeps a share for them and give you the rest for allowing them to post their ads on your site. If someone clicks on that ads, you get paid.

• Why it isn't working out for many?
Here comes the problem..! Almost everyone who uses internet, knows about this AdSense money making program. And they don't hesitate to join the program because it belongs to google. I mean we trust google ha.. They can be trusted and here they are talking about money. Everyone needs money right? But, most of them falls for this not knowing whether they are doing it profitable way or not. They just take and put AdSense code into their site and work very hard to drive more traffic, expecting clicks on the ads. Even they got the expected traffic, they don't earn well because their ads are very cheap. I mean how can you satisfy with a click which gives you %0.01 or $0.05 when you can earn $8.0 or $10.0 per click? Today, most people earning a decent amount of money with AdSense. I'm going to tell you how to do it! Be Prepared...
• How can you make dollers with AdSense?
Well, google ads has many different CPCs(Cost Per Click) depending on the sale of the product and popularity and etc. sometimes it may be up to $50.0. The cool thing is, if you found a way to track and put that high CPC ads to your site you will earn few dollers for a click for sure. (CPC and EPC are two different things. $50.0 CPC might give you nearly $10.0 EPC)
• How can you find those ads?
There is no special method or secret to find those ads. In fact, there is no such a think called tracking high CPC ads. All you have to do is find the keywords and put that keywords into your site which brings you a high EPC(earning per click). they are called high paying keywords....("AdSense system totally depends on your site's keywords. if your site related to sports and you want to show ads related to medicine, you should put your keywords according to medical treatments."). To do this you can use google's keyword research tool. but the problem is it's designed for publishers, not for AdSensers. It wont show you the EPC and how many bidders are currently bidding on that keywords. Then you'll end up with some fake keywords(I'll explain about fake keywords later).
• How to find the real and high paying keywords?
there are so many softwares on the internet to help you find high paying keywords. They gives you many ways to search that keywords. As an example, you can type the amount that's gonna cost for that keyword of earning for the keyword. then you can filter the search results according to that. And you'll have many more features that will exite you. With this kind of software, you can avoid all fake keywords and the best part is you can see how much money a keyword gonna earn for you. It's the best way to find those keywords and the only fastest way to get rich on AdSense.
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