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. Friday, 24 December 2010

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

. Saturday, 16 October 2010

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. Sunday, 18 April 2010

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Yes, You Can Really Earn Money With Google AdSense

. Friday, 27 March 2009

If you want real traffic, you're going to have to earn it. Sometimes you may need a little luck as well, especially if your niche is highly competitive, but if you are persistent and consistent, you can make a nice living with Google AdSense.
Google AdSense is really great. Imagine just spending a few weeks putting together a website with decent content, and then sitting around while the money comes flowing in. Yes, you can sit back and relax while Google AdSense does all the work. Even if you have to put a lot of work into the website and advertising, the money you earn through AdSense will still be worth your time.
Even if you've never had a website before, they're not as hard to make as you think.

If you think you have what it takes to manually build your own website, you need to make sure you put up plenty of content. The more content your website has, the better. The more informative your website is, the more likely you'll receive a lot of visitors. The more visitors your website receives, the more money you'll earn. Just make sure that all the content you put up, whether it's articles, product reviews, or images, isn't stolen material. You can create unique content yourself, or hire a freelance writer to provide you with it. Make sure it's original content.
Once your website is up, running, and ready, you can then sign up for a Google AdSense account. Google will provide you with the banner code for you to insert into your website editor. This will be customized just for your website and AdSense account, so that whenever someone clicks on ad from your website, Google will know to give you the credit.
Now that you have your website and Google AdSense account ready, you'll need to begin with online marketing. There are many ways to market a website in order to bring in traffic-article marketing, forum posting, blog commenting, PPC advertising, social bookmarking, search engine optimization, etc. Different methods work for different webmasters, so you'll need to try each until you can find at least three methods that work consistently for you. Remember, you need to be these two things: persistent and consistent.
You can always pay to advertise if you have the money. Getting a link back from high PR sites is a must, especially high PR websites that have similar content as your own. Even if you can only afford to buy one banner advertising spot from one high PR site, it will be a wise investment. Not only will your website get a lot of visitors from that, but it will help with your own ranking as well.
Here's one warning, though: don't buy bulk traffic. I'm sure you've seen the "10,000 hits for $5!" type offers. Don't fall for them. Unless that company can prove to you that you'll be receiving real, legitimate visitors and not "bots," then don't fall for it. Google AdSense will penalize your account if they catch a lot of bot traffic coming to your website. Since it wouldn't be real human visitors coming to your website, you won't receive any clicks on your Google ads anyway. So not only will it be a waste of your time and money, your website may become penalized as well.
If you want real traffic, you're going to have to earn it. Sometimes you may need a little luck as well, especially if your niche is highly competitive, but if you are persistent and consistent, you can make a nice living with Google AdSense.
More tips and ways to make money online with Google and others, can be found in my free online marketing guide.
Ido Jansen is an Internet marketing expert
Author of the e-book:
"Practical Internet Money Guide"
Owner of the moeny making blog -
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How to Get Rich With Google AdSense Using High Paying Keywords!


• What is AdSense?
Well, AdSense is a program that pays you for placing their ads on your site or blog. They take ads from publishers (through Google AdWords) for a high price, keeps a share for them and give you the rest for allowing them to post their ads on your site. If someone clicks on that ads, you get paid.

• Why it isn't working out for many?
Here comes the problem..! Almost everyone who uses internet, knows about this AdSense money making program. And they don't hesitate to join the program because it belongs to google. I mean we trust google ha.. They can be trusted and here they are talking about money. Everyone needs money right? But, most of them falls for this not knowing whether they are doing it profitable way or not. They just take and put AdSense code into their site and work very hard to drive more traffic, expecting clicks on the ads. Even they got the expected traffic, they don't earn well because their ads are very cheap. I mean how can you satisfy with a click which gives you %0.01 or $0.05 when you can earn $8.0 or $10.0 per click? Today, most people earning a decent amount of money with AdSense. I'm going to tell you how to do it! Be Prepared...
• How can you make dollers with AdSense?
Well, google ads has many different CPCs(Cost Per Click) depending on the sale of the product and popularity and etc. sometimes it may be up to $50.0. The cool thing is, if you found a way to track and put that high CPC ads to your site you will earn few dollers for a click for sure. (CPC and EPC are two different things. $50.0 CPC might give you nearly $10.0 EPC)
• How can you find those ads?
There is no special method or secret to find those ads. In fact, there is no such a think called tracking high CPC ads. All you have to do is find the keywords and put that keywords into your site which brings you a high EPC(earning per click). they are called high paying keywords....("AdSense system totally depends on your site's keywords. if your site related to sports and you want to show ads related to medicine, you should put your keywords according to medical treatments."). To do this you can use google's keyword research tool. but the problem is it's designed for publishers, not for AdSensers. It wont show you the EPC and how many bidders are currently bidding on that keywords. Then you'll end up with some fake keywords(I'll explain about fake keywords later).
• How to find the real and high paying keywords?
there are so many softwares on the internet to help you find high paying keywords. They gives you many ways to search that keywords. As an example, you can type the amount that's gonna cost for that keyword of earning for the keyword. then you can filter the search results according to that. And you'll have many more features that will exite you. With this kind of software, you can avoid all fake keywords and the best part is you can see how much money a keyword gonna earn for you. It's the best way to find those keywords and the only fastest way to get rich on AdSense.
Find out about the best HIGH PAYING KEYWORDS search tool on the internet
Visit : and scroll down for the link
Don't forget to watch all the videos to get much more details about high paying keywords.
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Make Money Online - 3 Super Simple Ways to Make Money Online


Make money online. That is the goal of literally tens of thousands of people, if not more and it is a goal that is rather easily attainable. There are quite a few ways that you might go about it but today I am going to outline the three easiest.

Before we get started there is something that you must understand. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and you will not become a millionaire overnight. Make no mistake; it takes honest to goodness hard work to make money online.

1.) Blogging
Blogging is huge and it is a make money online cash cow. Did you just hear a moo? There are a number of sites that will let you set up a blog for free. When you create you blog be sure that you have a niche in mind and target your blog to that niche. Monetize your blog with Google AdSense, Affiliate products, or products of your own. Keep your blog updated daily. Fresh content is what your readers and the search engines are looking for.
2.) Social Network Marketing
This is another hot way to make money online. Join as many of the social working sites that you can find. Some of the big ones are Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Second Life. If you want to find an extensive list of social networking sites go to Wikipedia and do a search and you will find a huge list.
3.) Forum Marketing
Forum marketing is one of the strongest ways to make money online. Pick a niche, create or purchase the rights to a product in that niche, get an autoresponder, and create a squeeze page. Then go to Google and enter "Niche forums". Replace Niche with your niche and hit search.
Visit the forums that you found. Check the activity and membership size. Pick a few of the larger ones and sign up. Once signed up go to the user cp or profile area and create a signature file to direct readers to your website.
Most forums do not allow overt advertising but most look the other way if it's a very soft sell in your signature file. So keep it low key.
Join in or start conversations and your signature file will do the rest. If you are not getting any results change your signature file. Keep testing different versions until you get a winner.
If you want to make money online blogging, social network marketing and forum marketing are great ways to get the cash ball rolling.
Lee Ruleman is an internet marketing professional who specializes in assisting others to achieve their goals in the internet business marketplace.
If you are looking for a 100% Free product that you can market and keep all of the profits, Lee is offering his new product "A Complete Internet Business in an Easy Open Can!" for Free.
To claim your Free gift and learn more about a Work from Home Business stop by
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The other roads Of Google Adsense


Ever since the Google grand slam on affiliate marketing which basically paralyzes a lot of landing pages and their subsequent "commitment" to ensure that surfers and adwords advertisers have "good" experience using google by forcing up to 10x times the cost of per click (my personal experience is 16.18 per click), a lot of marketers is forced to relook at their marketing channel. In addition, there is this big sue against google for click fraud which google paid a small token somewhat in millions as settlement and after which they have been banning websites that are close to earning their first $100 which includes me. Google have been merciless in their position as attested by the number of complaints in adsense help forum.

Further verified by the latest book titled the death of adsense, it is time to relook at the method of revenue generation of websites. For newbies, the common terms are,
Impressions - The number of impressions is the number of times an ad is displayed.
CTR - Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (impressions).
PPC - The pay-per-click is the amount you pay each time a user clicks on your ad
PPA - Pay per Acquisition or Cost per sales
PPM - Pay per thousand impression
PPV - Pay per Visitor

Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)
PPC. Saying is that YPN earning per click is up to 4x times that of Google Adsense but YPN click-through rate is much lower. It is still its better stage and is only available in US. But will certainly be my on A * list soon. (For US residents only now.)

PPA. Since 2000, online marketers have depended on the AzoogleAds? Network to deliver targeted and un-targeted customers from a variety of websites, search portals and newsletters. Ranked #1 by 30,000 media experts for 2004 and 2005 and looks promising. Percentage rate varies. Recommended.

Amazon Omakase
PPA. As an Amazon associate, you can now serve ads to your site based on the content on your pages. What's more, this service is totally compatible with AdSense. Unlike other ad program, amazon only pays you when some one buys usually at a percent between 4 to 8.5 which means rather huge if the user buys a thousand dollar plasma TV screen.

PPC or Flat-Rate. 2 type of ads available. Text Ads and Interstitial ads and is based on bidders getting your website. Free form text ads that give you more control over their appearance than AdSense. Also displayed with no "Ads by xxxxx" text. Excellent service. No exlusivity required.

Affiliate Sensor
PPA. This service automatically allows you to display ads from Clickbank's large member network. ClickBank is the Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. Some formatting issues when selecting certain ad sizes but overall cool. Recommended. Usually one sales is a minimum of $20.

PPC - Definitely one of the major players which will allows you to set your own price and advertisers or have everything automated, just like AdSense. $10 minimum payouts through PayPal. Recommended.

PPC, PPM, PPV. - Fixed rate for Advertisers. 70% profit share from displaying our contextual ads and able to earn up to 85% ad revenues for displaying your own ads under the affiliate programs. Additional 10% from the daily earning of Publishers referred. Check (min. payout: $50), or Paypal (min. payout: $20).Only seems to accept sites with a large amount of traffic, at least 50% of which must come from Canada, USA and UK. However, a search in google (ironic, isn’t it) shows Clicksor being called as fraud, much like Google itself.

Commission Junction
PPA. Using CJ's smartzones you can display rotating advertisements. Generally used for image ads rather than text ads and sells both physical and electronic products.
For more useful tips & hints, please browse for more information at our website:-

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